How To Reduce Your Crow's Feet Without Surgery

How To Reduce Your Crow's Feet Without Surgery

Time etches its footprints on your body in many ways. One of the most obvious and visible forms actually looks like footprints — crow’s feet

These outer-eye wrinkles develop over time from your natural eye movements, such as when you squint or smile. The skin at the corners of your eyes bunches up over your cheeks. 

As you lose elasticity in your skin with aging, these creases tend to remain, and they are nothing to keep smiling about. They’re known as dynamic wrinkles, because they are produced by repeated movements. But knowing what causes them doesn’t mean they’re welcome. 

At BodyLogicMD of Hartford in Glastonbury, Connecticut, Dr. Anita Petruzzelli and her team offer specialty services in integrative medicine for patients throughout the area, including aesthetic treatments for anti-aging

Dr. Petruzzelli knows that many of our patients wish to appear younger but want to avoid costly and risky surgical procedures. 

Here are Dr. Petruzzelli’s recommendations for nonsurgical treatments that can reduce crow’s feet, as well as some preventive measures you can take now to keep them from forming or becoming worse. 

Customized skin care 

Dr. Petruzzelli evaluates each patient individually to determine their needs and learn more about their aesthetic goals. She then works with you to develop a skin care plan that takes into consideration any outstanding problems, your skin tone, your skin type, and your overall health.

Your customized skin care plan may include: 

Cosmetic injections

A popular method of combating crow’s feet is cosmetic injections. Modern injectables are the most widely used and popular treatments to erase the signs of aging. 

Botox® is a cosmetic injectable that’s specifically designed to treat dynamic wrinkles like crow’s feet. It contains a toxin that reduces signals to the muscles around the eyes, causing them to relax and allowing the dynamic wrinkles to smooth out.

Dr. Petruzzelli is a trained and experienced practitioner who knows how to precisely target the specific muscles with accurate amounts of Botox to get the results you desire without harming other muscles or your appearance. 

The wrinkles smooth away over time, and you can receive touch-up injections as needed to maintain your younger look. 

Some dermal filler injectables can also treat crow’s feet by adding volume. These products use hyaluronic acid, a substance produced in your own body, to gather moisture and add volume. Some dermal filler injections can last over a year before you need a touch-up. 

Anti-aging preventive measures

Dr. Petruzzelli also recommends taking steps to improve your skin health and slowing down the aging process to prevent crow’s feet and other dynamic wrinkles. These preventive measures include: 

Dr. Petruzzelli works with you to tailor a customized skin care plan to keep you looking younger and healthy longer. Contact BodyLogicMD by phone at 860-375-4935 or use our online booking tool to schedule a skin care consultation.

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