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7 Ways Our Customized Hormone Therapy Can Help You Combat Frustrating Menopause Symptoms

Women going through menopause know the symptoms all too well: hot flashes, trouble sleeping, night sweats, brain fog, weight gain, moodiness, and more. They seem to go on forever with no end in sight. 

If you’re searching for relief, visit Anita Petruzzelli, MD. at BodyLogicMD in Glastonbury, Connecticut. We’ve had enormous success in treating these and other menopause symptoms with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). 

Once your hormone levels are restored, you’ll feel like yourself again and wonder why you waited so long. Learn more about the seven ways our customized hormone therapy can help you combat frustrating menopause symptoms.

Menopause 101

Menopause signals the end of female fertility as the levels of estrogen and progesterone decrease. On average, American women reach menopause around age 52 unless they’ve had a total hysterectomy or other surgery to remove their ovaries. 

Symptoms of menopause include:

As hormone levels decrease, you also have a higher risk of bone loss leading to osteoporosis and heart disease.

BHRT overview

BHRT helps replace depleted hormones with new ones that have the same molecular structure. They’re made from natural plant sources that function like your own hormones, but with a lower incidence of side effects. BHRT is available in creams, gels, pills, patches, injections, and pellets. 

At BodyLogicMD, we prefer hormone pellet therapy because it supplies a steady dose of hormones over several months. The slow-release method of pellet hormone therapy means you don't get a huge dump of hormones into your system followed by a rollercoaster dive as they wear off. 

You may notice an improvement in menopause symptoms in as little as two weeks, and you should feel much better around the six-month mark as your bioidentical hormones reach optimal levels. You return for your hormone therapy treatment every few months to keep your levels even. 

7 ways our customized BHRT can help ease symptoms

We offer bioidentical hormones to our patients because they’re a safe and effective alternative to synthetic hormones. Imagine going through menopause with fewer symptoms. Here’s how our customized BHRT can help you: 

Why deal with frustrating menopause symptoms if you don’t have to? Feel like yourself again and get your sex life back with BHRT. If you’re ready to discover how it can help you, make an appointment by calling our Glastonbury, Connecticut, office today at 860-375-4935. You can also request an appointment online.

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